We are a Private Capital Group that provides alternative investment opportunities to high net worth individuals to create cashflow, possible tax saving options, and build equity long term through development in proven industries. 

The industries we target are unique, sustainable, profitable, and scalable sectors of the economy. Our company has the experience necessary to take advantage of the oil and gas investment opportunities and help protect investors against potential risks. We focus on proven development that has the ability for continued growth. Our oil & gas investment strategies allow us to increase our potential to increase value for our partners and build legacy assets for the future. We have created a platform for investors to invest in alternative oil & gas investments and have the ability to diversify their portfolio. Our strategies consist of Oil & Gas Drilling/Minerals/Leasing, Real Estate Development, and rental cash flowing real estate assets. 


Energy Investments

Investment Oil and Gas

Robert Kiyosaki-Business Author of "Rich Dad Poor Dad

"As an investment in oil and gas, I’ve found it very important to differentiate between the types of oil and gas properties you can invest in oil and gas. The four main categories are:

  • ProducingDrilling wells that are currently producing oil gas investment opportunities. These oil drilling investment opportunities provide the smallest return of the four types because there is little risk involved.
  • Proved developedOil and gas reserves are proven and drilling wells exist, however, they are not currently operating and producing. The returns are typically higher in a proved developed because the oil and gas are there and the wells are drilled. It’s simply a matter of getting into production.
  • Proven undevelopedOil and gas reserves are proven to exist, but there are no wells on the property. These will yield a stronger return on your oil & gas investment because of the time and expense of getting the oil and gas out of the ground.
  • ExploratoryAn area is being drilled to find oil and gas that has not yet been determined to exist. These oil investment opportunities provide both the highest risk and the highest potential for return."

Porter Green provides systematic vehicles designed to generate residual income targeting proven commodities through multiple profit centers inside the energy sector: Working Interest Development, Overriding & Mineral Royalties, Lease Acquisitions, and Carried Lease Interest. Universally, diversification is the fundamental basis for professional investors to compound working capital in the market. This multi-faceted platform is engineered to reduce sensitivity to market swings and maximize monthly cash flow. Click for more information. 


Real Estate Development

Oil Drilling Investment Opportunities

Grant Cardone- Real Estate Investor/ Built a $350,000,000 Real Estate Empire

"In my opinion, real estate is the best way to grow wealth. If you want to get super rich, get involved in real estate." Click for more information on our Real Estate offerings. 


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